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Yes i visited woodforest bank today to deposit my sons check into my account my son was with me at the time but was told that i couldnt because my son had to be a minor before they could deposit the check i know this is not the truth is the reason why i'am contacting corporate they were very rude and thought it was funny, 10/23/20 I received a call from the bank the person's name was Toya she advised me to bring the check back with my son and they would cash, but because of how I was treated with disrespect from the assistant manager and the manager over her both telling me a lie then looking at each other and giggling looking at my son who's disabled as if he was trash I have no desire to return that branch which is in Seagoville Texas located in Walmart I'm disgusted by their behavior

Location: Dallas, Texas

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We hear your frustration. We'd like to get a few more details. Can you send an email to SocialMedia@woodforest.com with your contact information, so we can reach out?

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