I have only been with Woodforrest for only 4 months, and in that period of time I realized that if your not a premier customer, you get treated however the customer rep day is going.I have not had any trouble with anyone except for the bank teller named Amiera who is by the way a very very rude person she walked away from the counter before finishing my money transactions. I thought that was rude and told the bank manager Greensboro 841 N.C., and he as well looked over the customer is always right code and brush the situation to the side, he had No comments at all which was rude as well and it wasn't adnormal, I've seen from pasted trips to the bank. I use my account at Woodforrest for easy access from where I live but because of the incident treated unfairly, I will be closing my account and waiting for another incident to occur with someone else. Because it is going to occur and the manager or the teller's are not thinking about the big picture and that's Woodforrest's REPUTATION as a bank. I have a good reputation as an account holder but I guess Woodforrest wouldn't know that because who their hiring has the least bit of experience in customer service.

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