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I was paid and a blank money order from a friend's account with Woodforest Bank I asked her to do so so I didn't have cash money on me it was meant for my family lawyer after the lawyer agreed to take my case I signed it and made it to pay of him when I went in to make the payment he shared with me that he was going to refer me to another lawyer he had not enough experience for a complex case as mine but I was told it was altered so they had to avoid it I was told all I had to do was sign over on the back was it meant for its purpose I asked for some type of documentation to prove that and they're refusing to give me anything

Preferred solution: Documentation if the money order was stop payment from the account holder are they made a mistake and confiscated the money order thinking it was a cashier's check.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Please tell me this is a prank and you'll post the results on social media. If not, you're a fool and this is a pay scam.

No one sends a blank money order. They DO NOT exist. Scammers do. They get fools to deposit the thing in their accounts.

Once in the account, they have the mark pay someone who is in on the hustle leaving the fool to deal with owing the bank money and having their account close for good. Oh and let's not forget the notation in Chex Systems that will keep you from getting a new bank account and force you into some stupid pre-paid card banking model.

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