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Waste of time to call customer service. I have 3 accounts with them.

Total on deposit us almost 60k. Yet they place holds on my checks for my small business which makes me look incompetent to my vendors. Small business doesn't keep large balances in accounts. We just started up .

Some days its immediate some days a hold. Either way not consistantly and definitely will be moving my accounts after the first of the year. One is me personally with a direct dep, one is business and one is an estate. Clearly your business is appreciated.

I could see if you had issues with someone, and I understand prevention, but 7 business days in most cases means 10 to 11 days due to weekend or holiday.

It does not take that long for a check to clear these days . Just a poor practice for customers trying to survive.

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They refused to change their position to work with my small business. Will definitely be seeking a place to move the three accounts.

Small business getting up off the ground needs a financial institution to work with them , not against them. Customer service while pleasant to speak with is no help either.

Woodforest National Bank

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