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Update by user Feb 22

Bank contacted me and verified what happened. Good people.

Update by user Feb 22

The women at Woodforest have been the best for that size bank by far. There was only one who was untrained and she caused a medical necessity.

However I know they have to follow guidelines and it was only something that fell through the cracks. However they contacted me and found out that the employee who couldn't make the transaction was no longer working there. I know on the phone section people threaten them also. So sometimes people get upset with a prior customer.

But by far the employees at Woodforest have been the best of all I've worked with. I've always like the tellers and the managers have been good also. The rules of banking just caused a problem and they handled it well.

They verified what happened. And I want to thank them for working so hard to ensure they way they handle the money.

Original review posted by user Feb 15

I tried to make things better for them. Someone had stolen my debit card and the bank lost $600.

I opened a second account and set it up to hold the main deposit. The internet messed up and I was sick. I called to get them to delay a transfer so that the account would remain solvent. They didn't want to do it.

They wanted me to come in person. I was sick and I couldn't. The women on the phone were ugly. Then I got a woman at the local branch.

She was told by the supervisor to identify me and if I couldn't come in to do it on the Maintenance screen. She identified me and told me I had to come in. I told her I was too sick. She transfered me to another woman who was upset and said do want this cancelled?

I said yes. She said,"It's Done!" I hoped it was delayed. The only way to know was to go in and say the worker was possibly a bad worker. However it turned out she cancelled all recurring transfers and didn't tell me to set up a new one.

Now I lost my grocery money I have 76 dollars left for bills and groceries. A Walmart Branch said, "Uxxxx location!" It sounded like trouble. There is no record of any Transfer before the New Year. She said I have to take proof.

The nice black lady set it up on a cold December day when the heaters first lit, but I haven't seen her since. I'm in the middle of a move and I'm almost out of money even for food. It was deleted and there is no record. I think she didn't know how to do her job and it sounds like there have been problems there.

I thought she had done her job. I really need to eat being a diabetic. I covered the losses, but food and more overdraft losses may happen. But food is the important thing with this.

No food you pass out. You don't know if you wake up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Woodforest National Bank Banking Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $179.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Most of the physical employees, Easy sign up.

I didn't like: Ladies on the phone customer service, Employees are not trained, Lack of consideration or sympathy.

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Woodforest National Bank

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us about this. Please email us if you need any further assistance. Type your message here


Glad to see they stand by their word and took are of you.


So by your logic they should listen to every excuse you have to NOT get off your *** and go in and completely ignore banking regulations. People like you truly sicken me.

You expect the world to give you your way because YOU have an excuse. Actually that’s all you have is excuses yet do not let them give you the one about them not supposed to do what you want. The fact is it’s 100% on you! YOU lost your card!!

The bank MUST follow the regulations set forth by their governing body. Just because you are inconvenienced doesn’t make them bad. Point in fact how would you feel if someone called up claiming to be you and screwed up your banking? Then we would have a complaint about that.

Which is why you are supposed to go into the bank to take care of your banking or do it online. It’s not their fault that YOU have more excuses then common sense.

to Anonymous #1530530

If you don't have anything to contribute that is helpful. Kindly refrain from posting.

This person does not have an 'excuse', they have a health problem. Please learn the difference if you do not understand that.

to Anonymous #1530544

Your comment truly sickens me. If you do not have anything helpful to contribute, then kindly refrain from posting.

This person has a health issue, not an 'excuse'.

You should do some research the next time and see what the difference is. Because clearly you don't seem to know the difference.

to Anonymous #1531139

Woodforest bank has been told by the government that they are among the top ten banks in the nation caught for abuse of funds by extra overdraft charges. I realize they don't charge for an account and money is tight there, lack of training, etc... So if they get people to bank with them and they mess up and don't make good profits from banking it seems like they tend to take money at times by what the government said https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2015/05/19/bank-customers-fork-over-25-billion-in-overdraft-fees.html

Woodforest National Bank

Thank you for taking the time to share the details of your recent experience. We'd like to take a closer look into what happened.

Please send an email to SocialMedia@woodforest.com with your contact information. – WNB

to Woodforest National Bank #1434066

Thank you,

I was down to the last $23.00. I had documented by email. I appreciate your help.

to jperez77710_38 #1541583

Now I have lost my apartment and car and been out of medicine.

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