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These are the worst bunch of S**** F*** A****** I have ever seen.They smirk at you when you deposit large checks, they talk between each other and rarely pay attentions.

And the managers are all f**** losers They are the worst people I know who have no regard for customer service what so ever .Been going there for 7 years never had a good experience. I hope all of them rot in ***. In my last encounter there were a long line at 9am in the morning on a tuesday but the manager refused to come to the aid of the teller and left her alone to deal with all the situation outside while she sat inside. The same with the main manager there to all pieces of work they all should be fired together .

Never do business witht them.My money is safe with capital one not with these bozos.

Monetary Loss: $90.


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Davenport, Iowa, United States #649761

I have never had a problem with them, when a loan shark hacked into my account they helped me through the situation as painless as possible.i have been with wood forest for 4 years now here Jacksonville , Il .

The team here are all really good people.

Its too bad not everyone can have great banker like we do here.:)


Woodforest is disappointed to hear the complaints as listed in your post.While it is our ultimate intent to make sure our customers are provided the best in service, we also strive to do the same internally with our employees.

As such, we would love the chance to discuss with you any and all concerns, whether or not included in the post. We sincerely want to address all concerns that you may have.

Please feel free to contact the Woodforest Human Resources Department at 832-375-2525 or via email at look forward to hearing from you.


As a current employee at woodforest I can honestly tell you woodforest doesn't care about you or its customers.Woodforest only cares about making money and they know they can treat their customers and employees poorly.

Woodforest will tell you they care but their actions show otherwise.They have already been fined twice by the OCC and are currently under investigation.

Cathays Park, Wales, United Kingdom #208746

I have spoken to Customer Service here and in Jamaica, I have written to your corporate office .They did not bother to address the issue which is why are customer's financial information given to the Theft Identity Capitol of the World.

The answer we all know is to save money at customer's expense.

This is despicable.The bank is using our funds and allowing anyone access to our Identity and funds


At Woodforest, we take every concern seriously and make every effort to resolve issues promptly.If you would please send me your contact information, we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.

If you prefer, please contact our Customer Care department at 877-968-7962 and ask to speak directly with the Regional Manager over your branch.We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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