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Trying to charge me $25.00 service fee....for what? Two direct deposits in my account.

Paid me like 22-cents interest and then charged me $25 maintainence fee. I went in the bank and told them to put my money back in my account or else. They did but then they turned right around and did it again the next month. By that time, it didn't matter because I knew I was closing both accounts.

Another thing they did was "open an account for me" unbeknownst to me. I came in the bank once and asked for my account balance and was asked "which account"? I told her I only had one account. She said: no, you have two.

Since I neither opened an account or gave consent for them to open one, can you imagine my shock when she told me that she had to open another account for us to have a direct deposit of our social security checks. I asked: without my permission???? She said: yes. I have NEVER heard of such banking procedures.

This is presposterious!

I closed my accounts there after a 4-month relationship with this bank. I wouldn't recommend them to anybody.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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