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Very disappointed customer. I have been with Woodforest Bank for the last 18 years, and we have given them a lot of business, we're talking in he millions.

They apparently don't recognize the value in their customers. No matter how big they are they still act like a mom and pop establishment. One day my son used the ATM card without my permission. I saw charges that were not supposed to be there.

I had called their fraud department which turned out to be in Jamaica. Very disappointing. I asked them to freeze the card, and they said they did. Somehow, the site he was on hacked back into his computer and kept on charging.

I called again, and I'm talking to Jamaica again. I told them what was going on and I was rerouted to the Woodlands Woodforest. They stopped the card, and I was almost $2100 under. I was trying to be fair, I told them to credit me up to the day that I called them to cancel the card.

They kept stalling and detouring me to different managers. They told me to file a police report, which we did, but they then closed the case without my consent. 3 months later I talked to another manager who told me to reopen the case because they did not want to lose my business. Today I get a letter and they say it's denied, didn't I say that these guys are a mom and pops establishment?

These guys walk, quack, and act like a duck, it must be a duck. Monday morning, first thing I'm doing is closing my savings account with Woodforest bank. I can't believe these banks take our money and gives this ridiculous rate, our money keeps these banks going.

The ratio is extremely disproportionate. Good luck and good bye, Woodforest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Woodforest National Bank Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Woodforest National Bank

We apologize for such a difficult experience. We would like to look further into your situation. If you’ll send an email with your contact information to, we will get in touch with you.

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