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Had been off work due to injury on my job been receiving work men comp open the account there to save money from going to check cashing places well after about two months of cashing checks there I received a large check from a settlement from workers comp insurance company deposited the check thinking funds would be held for 48-72 hours which is normal for banks to do these people put my check on hold for 11 business days which is actually 15 days the insurance company called there branch and verified the check it was cleared through there bank they told workers comp that it was up to a branch manager to release funds on the check what bank gives a branch manager the authority to release my funds there customer service is the worst of any company that I have ever dealt with if you don't have to do not open an account with this company first you have to pay 15.00 for a bank card that should be free they have hidden monthly fees just plain ripoff period soon as my funds released I'm closing account

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Why wouldn't the Branch Manager have authority to release funds? Customer is just that "customer service".


Did you not read the terms and conditions as well as the fee schedule before opening the account?They're not hidden if they're fully disclosed.

Had you read all of these, you'd know that if you maintain over 100$ on a daily basis OR have 1 direct deposit a month, you will not be assessed these fees (Basic Checking).If you think things should be different, open your own bank.


My Mom had a similar problem. I wrote her a $5K check and WoodForest held it for 10 days, even though my bank cleared it the next day.

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